Reaxys Prize Club

Your network. Your opportunity. Your Club.

Every year since 2010, 45 new members from PhD programs at academic institutions around the world are selected to join this elite group of influential scientists. Having demonstrated that their research is original, rigorous and cutting-edge, the members of the Reaxys Prize Club are the brightest young minds in chemistry today, and the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, their careers have developed, and now Club membership encompasses all chemistry fields of research and the full span of academic and industry positions.

Upon joining the Reaxys Prize Club, members enter a world of opportunities to enhance their research and career

  • Exclusive online directory: comprehensive access to an online directory to keep in touch with hundreds of Club members around the world.

  • Travel awards: special travel grants available either to visit another club member in order to exchange and learn about each other's science, or to attend a conference.

  • Private invitations: complementary invitation to unique networking events that enable to meet the colleagues and mentors that can help maximize the impact of ideas.

  • Reaxys for free: personal and unlimited access to Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry (introductory e-trainings included).

  • Book discounts: Elsevier chemistry books at 20-30% discount.

  • Conferences reduced fee: preferential rates for over 40 Elsevier conferences organized per year.

  • Reaxys Guidance team: a group of club members that engage in discussions that steer development strategies for Reaxys and other Elsevier products.

Listen to Lauren Doyle and Andy Chapman explaining how the Prize Club helps their career

Senior member of the Reaxys Prize Club inspire others and access additional benefits

  • Reaxys R&D Collaboration Network: the Network get labs equipped with data from Reaxys specifically tailored to their research needs. The development of new algorithms and analytical tools offer them deeper insights into chemistry at no extra cost.

  • Reaxys PhD Prize review: reviewing for the PhD Prize to have an active role in selecting finalists who will join the ever growing talented Club community.

  • Local Reaxys Prize Club events organizer: a support to get the chance to meet fellow Club members by bringing together Symposia or other social events.

  • Local lectures sponsorship: sponsorship from the Reaxys Prize Club to organize local lectures at a university.

Who are the members?

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members in 23 countries

31% in the EU
42% in Americas
27% in APAC

institutions represented

Club Highlights

Articles published about Reaxys Prize Club members

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April 2016 David Michaelis and Hiroyuki Miyamura - Cross-cultural experiences are the key to academic success: Q&A with PhD prize winners, by Times Higher Education [Read the article]

October 2015 Zoey Herm - Using Chemistry to Support Global Sustainability, by Chemistry Views [Read the article]


Reaxys Advisory Board

The Insight and Experience to Inspire

The Reaxys Advisory Board is the compass for Reaxys and the visionary force behind Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry. Board members are internationally recognized leaders in chemistry, visionary scientists and influential colleagues charged with providing strategic guidance for our efforts. The Board identifies directions and focus areas that drive the development of Reaxys. They highlight promising trends in chemical research that steer activities of Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry. Equally important, each member is committed to cultivating the enormous creativity and new perspectives of brilliant young chemists.

Tasks and accomplishments
The Reaxys Advisory Board meets annually with the Reaxys Team. Their advice and support has been instrumental to:

  • Plan the visionary framework of Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry

  • Steer development efforts through critical and insightful feedback

  • Create and establish the Reaxys PhD Prize as the leading international prize for Chemistry PhD students

  • Promote the Reaxys Prize Club and support the young minds that join its ranks year after year

  • Make the Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Symposium a resounding success through their involvement, inspiring presentations and meaningful contributions to discussions

Who are the members?

Prof Tony Barrett Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Erick Carreira Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Martin Jansen Reaxys Advisory Board

Dr Tommi Meulemans Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Eiichi Nakamura Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Tony Barrett
Imperial College London

Prof Erick M. Carreira
ETH Zurich

Prof Martin Jansen
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

Dr Tommi Meulemans

Prof Eiichi Nakamura
University of Tokyo

Prof Cristina Nevado Reaxys Advisory Board

Dr Andrew Thomas Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Barry Trost Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Henry Wong Reaxys Advisory Board

Prof Cristina Nevado
University of Zurich

Dr Andrew Thomas

Prof Barry M. Trost
Stanford University

Prof Henry N. C. Wong
Chinese University of Hong Kong


The R&D Network

Reaxys R&D Network

Reaxys is a unique chemical information resource; with over 500 million individual experimental data points and tens of millions of reactions and structures, Reaxys is unmatched in depth and breadth of chemical content. The R&D Network is a collaboration with leading computational research groups around the world that use data from Reaxys to drive their research forward. Members of the R&D Network are equipped with data specifically tailored to their research needs in an effort to enable them to develop new algorithms and analytical tools that afford deeper insights into chemistry.

For further information about the R&D Network, please contact Dr David Evans, Scientific Affairs Director at RELX Intellectual Properties SA.