10 Shortlisted candidates of the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize announced

2016 Reaxys PhD Prize - 10 shortlisted candidates announced

We are pleased to announce the 10 shortlisted candidates who have been selected from this year’s Reaxys PhD Prize 45 finalists. They are invited to give oral presentations at the Reaxys Prize Symposium on September 22 and 23 at the New Scientist Live in London, UK.

The oral presentation is the last step in the reviewing process of the Reaxys PhD Prize. Three winners will be chosen from these ten presentations by the members of the Reaxys Advisory Board and PhD Prize Coordinators and announced at the Symposium dinner on September 23.

The ten shortlisted candidates who will be presenting at the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium are:

1. Nickolas Anderson from the Bart group, Purdue University - West Lafayette
2. Chuyang Cheng from the Stoddart group, Northwestern University
3. Lauren Doyle from the Piers group, University of Calgary
4. Pascal Ellerbrock from the Trauner group, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
5. Sebastian Grundner from the Lercher group, Technical University of Munich
6. Jamie Hicks from the Jones group, Monash University
7. Jiheong Kang from the Aida group, University of Tokyo
8. Jarad Mason from the Long group, University of California Berkeley
9. Yusuke Masuda from the Murakami group, Kyoto University
10. Alison Wendlandt from the Stahl group, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Candidates have been reviewed by an external review board comprised of members of the Reaxys Advisory Board; the review criteria include the originality, innovation, applicability, importance, and rigor of the reported research. The same board of chemistry leaders will select the three winners from the oral presentations given by the ten candidates they have shortlisted.

All of the original 45 finalists from this year’s Prize are invited to attend the Symposium and present their work during a poster session.