Reaxys PhD Prize 2014

July 14, 2014 - We are very pleased to announce the three Winners of the 2014 Reaxys PhD Prize!


The selection of the winners has been made by the Chairs of the Review Board - Profs Barrett, Jansen, Nakamura, Parkin, Trost, and Wong after a full and detailed review of the submissions and reviewer comments for all the finalists. They were hugely impressed with the excellent standard of all of the finalists and choosing the winners was an extremely tough job for them. We are very grateful for their help and guidance throughout the process.


The 2014 Winners are:


Zoey Herm

Dawen Niu

Changxia Yuan

Dawen Niu - 2014 Reaxys PhD Prize Winner Changxia Yuan - 2014 Reaxys PhD Prize Winner

Article: Separation of Hexane Isomers in a Metal-Organic Framework with Triangular Channels

Journal: Science, 2013

PhD University: University of California, Berkeley

Supervisor: Prof Jeffrey Long

Article: The aromatic ene reaction

Journal: Nature Chemistry, 2014

PhD University: University of Minnesota

Supervisor: Prof Thomas Hoye

Article: Metal-free oxidation of aromatic carbon–hydrogen

Journal: Nature, 2013

PhD University: University of Texas at Austin

Supervisor: Prof Dionicio Siegel


June 23, 2014 - We are delighted to announce the finalists for this year’s Reaxys PhD Prize.
These 45 finalists represent some of today’s brightest young chemists, performing research in a wide variety of areas from around the world. The finalists were selected from nearly 540 applicants, after an extensive review process overseen by our six coordinators.


All of the finalists are invited to attend this year’s Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Conference, September 21 – 24 2014 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. At the conference they will present their research, and participate in a great celebration of chemistry including some great keynotes and presentations by members of the Reaxys Prize Club (former winners and finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize). Full details on the conference are available on the conference webpage.


The 45 Finalists are:

Liam Ball from the Lloyd-Jones group, PhD at University of Bristol

Richard Brimioulle from the Bach group, PhD at Technical University of Munich

Allan Jay Cardenas from the Warren group, PhD at Georgetown University

William Chance from the zur Loye group, PhD at University of South Carolina

Fanny Cherblanc from the Fuchter group, PhD at Imperial College London

Fabio Denis Romero from the Hayward group, PhD at University of Oxford

Bernd Elsler from the Waldvogel group, PhD at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Chao Feng from the Loh group, PhD at Nanyang Technological University

Tomohiro Fukushima from the Kitagawa group, PhD at Kyoto University

Lydia Gilday from the Beer group, PhD at University of Oxford

Craig Gorin from the Kanan group, PhD at Stanford University

Paul Gormisky from the White group, PhD at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nicholas Green from the Sherburn group, PhD at Australian National University

Zoey Herm from the Long group, PhD at University of California, Berkeley

Stephen Ho from the Leighton group, PhD at Columbia University

Takahiro Horibe from the Ishihara group, PhD at Nagoya University

Shaowei Hu from the Hou group, PhD at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Todd Hyster from the Rovis group, PhD at Colorado State University

Nicholas Isley from the Lipshutz group, PhD at University of California, Santa Barbara

Xavier Just-Baringo from the Álvarez group, PhD at University of Barcelona

Ji-Woong Lee from the List group, PhD at University of Koeln

Hee Nam Lim from the Parker group, PhD at State University of New York, Stony Brook

David  Liptrot from the Hill group, PhD at University of Bath

Qingquan Lu from the Lei group, PhD at Wuhan University



Mukesh Mahajan from the Bhattacharjya group, PhD at Nanyang Technological University

Steve McKerrall from the Baran group, PhD at The Scripps Research Institute

Haruki Mizoguchi from the Oguri group, PhD at Hokkaido University

Sanjog Nagarkar from the Ghosh group, PhD at Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Pune

Dawen Niu from the Hoye group, PhD at University of Minnesota

Haruka Omachi from the Itami group, PhD at Nagoya University

Kasper Pedersen from the Bendix group, PhD at University of Copenhagen

Peter Rayner from the O'Brien group, PhD at University of York

Michael Schedler from the Glorius group, PhD at University of Muenster

Scott Semproni from the Chirik group, PhD at Princeton University

Samudra Sengupta from the Sen group, PhD at Pennsylvania State University

Kohei Takahashi from the Nozaki group, PhD at The University of Tokyo

Arnau Verdaguer Casadevall from the Chorkendorff group, PhD at Technical University of Denmark

Anna Wagner from the Sanford group, PhD at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Xi Wang from the Wang group, PhD at Peking University

Yinjun Xie from the Huang group, PhD at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Baihua Ye from the Cramer group, PhD at Ecole Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne

Changxia Yuan from the Siegel group, PhD at University of Texas at Austin

Taiga Yurino from the Maruoka group, PhD at Kyoto University

Martin Zahel from the Metz group, PhD at Technical University of Dresden

You-Quan Zou from the Xiao group, PhD at Central China Normal University



The Reaxys PhD Prize is awarded for original and innovative research in synthetic chemistry, which demonstrates excellence in methodology and approach by a candidate currently studying for a PhD or having completed a PhD after January 1, 2013. Each year submissions are reviewed by leading experts in their fields to select 45 finalists. From these, 3 winners are then chosen to receive the main prize.


  • $2000 prize money for each of the 3 Prize Winners
  • Invitation to the 2014 Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Conference for the Winners and Finalists (includes free registration, 4* hotel accommodation and travel bursaries)
  • Membership of the prestigious Reaxys Prize Club for winners and finalists only

Now in its 5th year, the Reaxys PhD Prize has already become the world’s most important prize for Chemistry PhD Students. To-date, over 1700 applications have been received from well over 400 universities from across the globe.


The review and decision process is managed by six coordinators:

Prof A.G.M. Barrett

Imperial College London

United Kingdom

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Prof M. Jansen

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany

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Prof E. Nakamura

University of Tokyo


Full Biography

Prof G. Parkin

Columbia University

United States

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Prof B. M. Trost

Stanford University

United States

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Prof H. N. C. Wong

Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

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What are the review and selection criteria? Finalists & Winners
  • Originality, innovation
  • Importance to the field
  • Applicability
  • Rigor of the approach and methodology
  • Publication quality and clarity of the article
  • Evidence of systematic and relevant background research of the literature
  • Supporting evidence (i.e. letter of recommendation and publication list)
  • Winners will be announced in early July 2014.
  • All finalists and winners will be invited to present their research at the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium and Poster Session
  • The 2014 Reaxys Prize Symposium and Poster session will take place at the 2014 Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Conference, held in Grindelwald, Switzerland, September 21 - 24 2014.

Rules & Submission Requirements


  • The Reaxys PhD Prize is open to students currently studying for a PhD or who have completed their PhD after Jan 1 2013
  • Consideration may be given to all areas of chemistry, however there is a special focus on all areas of synthetic chemistry e.g. organic, inorganic, organometallic, coordination, medicinal, materials and polymer chemistry
  • Applications from only one candidate per research group can be accepted.
  • Complete applications must be submitted by the end of Friday February 14 2014 *
  • Applications must consist of:
    • An example of an accepted peer-reviewed article which primarily showcases the work of the candidate.
    • A letter of recommendation from the candidate's PhD Supervisor.
      • The letter should provide an overview of the candidate and detail their achievements during the PhD studies.
      • It should also describe their overall role in the research of the project and highlight their specific contribution to the paper submitted for consideration.
    • The Candidate’s C.V. (resumé)
  • All applications must be made via our website *
    • Supervisors may submit their recommendation letter directly via email but all materials in support of a candidate’s application must be received by the end of Friday February 14 2014
    • No changes to the submissions will be accepted after Friday February 14 2014


* By submitting your application you agree with the Reaxys PhD Prize Terms & Conditions