Hong Kong hosts the 2015 Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium

The Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium is being held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on September 7th and 8th 2015. It will start with a poster session where this year's 45 finalists will present their research. On the second day 10 shortlisted finalists will give oral presentations. The climax of the meeting is the announcement of this year's 3 winners selected from the 10 oral presentations, by members of the Reaxys Advisory Board and PhD Prize Coordinators.


The 10 shortlisted finalists are:

  • Matthew Burns from the Aggarwal group University of Bristol
  • Cecilia Casadei from the Raven and Moody groups, Leicester, and the Blakeley group, Grenoble
  • Patrick Fier from the Hartwig group University of California Berkeley
  • Andrew Jupp from the Goicoechea group University of Oxford
  • Kelli Ogawa from the Boydston group University of Washington
  • Sivaprakash Sengodan from the Kim group Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
  • John Tellis from the Molander group University of Pennsylvania
  • Shin-nosuke Uno from the Urano group University of Tokyo
  • Thorsten vom Stein from the Leitner group RWTH Aachen University
  • Xiao-Ye Wang from the Pei group Peking University
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Local Reaxys Prize Club Symposia

Chemical Society of Japan 2015, March 28:

CJS attendees and Reaxys Prize Club members are invited to attend a Reaxys Prize Club Symposium lunch at
the 95th CSJ Annual Meeting.

11:30-11:40 Opening by David Evans PhD, Reed Elsevier Properties SA
11:40-12:25 key note presentation Dr. Nakamura, University of Tokyo
Reaxys Prize Club members:
12:25-12:45 Assistant Prof. Kei Murakami, Nagoya University, 2012 Reaxys PhD Prize finalist
12:45-13:05 Assistant Prof. Daishi Fujita, University of Tokyo, 2013 Reaxys PhD Prize finalist
13:05-13:25 Assistant Prof. Haruka Omachi, Nagoya University, 2014 Reaxys PhD Prize finalist
13:25-13:30 Closing by David Evans PhD

Dr. Iwasaki, Osaka University
Dr. Takeuchi, Kyoto University
Dr. Tanaka, Kyoto University

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Reaxys - From Graduation to Innovation

Supporting Chemistry Education

Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry actively supports education as part of its commitment to the greater chemistry community. In collaboration with partner organizations, Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry hosts the forum From Graduation to Innovation, where chemistry postgraduates and undergraduates connect with successful research chemists in a relevant and meaningful way. Our objective is to facilitate a dialogue between generations.

Like all other activities of Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry, the events of From Graduation to Innovation serve to inspire. Young minds embarking on a career in chemistry explore their chosen discipline through a series of talks that focus on crucial inspirational moments in research and education and their practical results. At each event, charismatic speakers tell the story of chemistry discoveries that shaped real-world applications and discuss the personal and scientific journeys that lead to those discoveries.

Additionally, workshops provide know-how and advice on practical topics such as how to get published, the editorial process, and career paths open to graduating chemists. Past events have also included Science Slams where young chemists are invited to share their own research and the questions, problems and goals that inspire them.

From Graduation to Innovation is open to professors, research fellows, postdoctoral, postgraduate, and undergraduate students considering graduate studies in chemistry. If you have experiences and words that can inspire others or have innovations of your own, we invite you to participate in these events. Register for our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming From Graduation to Innovation events or contact us directly if your institution is interested in hosting an event.

Previous Events
Frankfurt University, October 21, 2013
The first From Graduation to Innovation event was hosted by Frankfurt University as an event of the Gesellschaft Deutsche Chemiker (GDCh) Ortsverband Frankfurt and sponsored by Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry. More than 70 participants joined lively discussions, attended four talks by prominent research chemists, and partook in an informative workshop on getting published. All in all, the event was a great success!

Technical University Chemnitz, June 24, 2014
Another resounding success, the second From Graduation to Innovation event was organized by the Gesellschaft Deutsche Chemiker (GDCh) Ortsverband Chemnitz and sponsored by Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry. Renowned chemists from academia and industry gave enlightening talks followed by our first Science Slam where gifted young chemists held inspirational presentations of their work. And in between the science, the 120 participants had the chance to connect, exchange ideas, or simply enjoy each others company at the evening barbecue.

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